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FREE Bed Bug Information Session

Dear Manager/Owner,

I would like to invite you to a FREE Bed Bug information session.  The purpose of this information session is to provide you and your staff with training and knowledge that will help avoid a potential Bed Bug infestation at your business.  A Bed Bug infestation can be very timely and costly to treat, not to mention the negative impact to your business if customers experience Bed Bugs during their visit.   

Bed Bug populations are exploding across North America. These pests feed primarily on the blood of sleeping humans.  Over recent months Bed Bugs have been showing up in various public buildings in Newfoundland.  The thought that bed bugs are the result of poor sanitation and/or poverty is a big misconception. Bed bugs do not discriminate based on one’s social status or the cleanliness of their home or business.  The presence of Bed Bugs has been found in a wide range of accommodations, from some of the most luxurious to some of the least luxurious.  Bed Bugs are excellent hitchhikers; therefore they can move into your business or home undetected very easily.

The information session will consist of a PowerPoint presentation and will involve the following topics:

  1. Bed Bug Facts (including identification);
  2. Disease and Bite Symptoms;
  3. Bed Bugs and Sanitation;
  4. Information on the return of the Bed Bugs;
  5. Avoiding Infestations of Bed Bugs (dos and don’ts);
  6. Why Bed Bugs can be difficult to control;
  7. Most common hiding places for Bed Bugs

Following the presentation, I will conduct a practical exercise with you and your staff that will give you hands-on experience regarding where and what to look for when doing your regular daily cleaning.  Early detection of Bed Bugs is essential to help avoid unnecessary high pest control treatment costs that are often associated with Bed Bug infestations.  Early detection is also essential to help avoid the potential loss of customers who may experience Bed Bugs at your business. This FREE Bed Bug information session is available to all current and new commercial clients of Northern Pest Control Services.  Please contact us for more information or to schedule a time for your Bed Bug information session.  Thank You. We ensure that ALL services performed by Northern Pest Control Services Ltd. remain confidential

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